Professional Aviation Service

AJI International is a service provider in the aviation industry. It provides skilled personnel and consultancy services to leading airlines and maintenance, repair and overhaul companies (MROs).


AJI International was set up as Aviation Jobs International in early 2003. Its main expertise has been in the aviation industry, supplying skilled technical manpower to leading airlines and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul companies (MROs) on an outsource. Since 2003, it has steadily expanded as a manpower supplier to many other industries.

In 2014, AJI became a subsidiary of Certis Cisco Group (“Certis”) which is a 100% owned Temasek link Company. Certis has been an industry leader in security and human resource provider in Singapore. Certis began operating as early as 1950s as a guard and escort unit under the Singapore Police Force. In the last 56 years, Certis has growninto a large multinational company which operates in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Abu Dhabi & Dubai (UAE), Doha (Qatar), Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

Being a major manpower provider in the aviation industry, AJI International outsources hundreds of workers regionally and internationally, bringing foreign aviation talents from Philippines, China, India, Burma, Australia, New Zealand and Europe into Singapore. Among its clients are prominent companies like the Singapore Airlines group of companies and Singapore Technologies engineering group of companies. and since 2008 Malaysian Airlines.


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We provide excellence to keep our customers flying by:

Ensuring our staff have the skills to do the job

Being highly competitive and cost effective

Fostering motivated and dedicated work teams

Continuously improving our business process

Providing our customers with reliable service


  • Strict selection of Trained and Qualified Aircraft Technicians
    • Reliable overseas partners to source candidates
    • All overseas applicants’ resumes / CVs are thoroughly screened by our in-house experienced recruiters
    • Phone call and Video conferencing interviews – To verify accuracy of resumes
    • Arrange Prep Test with Business Partners (If required)
    • Only the best from each region will have the final interviews with our Business Partners

  • Large pool of Aircraft Technicians endorsed by Top Airlines and MROs in Singapore
    • Accumulated quality Aircraft Technicians since 200
    • Aircraft Technicians of various trades are able to perform from nose-to-tail MRO duties, interior or exterior

  • Pro-Active and Responsive Business Partner
    • Established Business Partner Engagement program
    • Predict, prepare and be ready for Business Partners’ future needs
  • Proven methodology in matching our Aircraft Technicians to Business Partners globally
    • Years of Experience is key in matching to Business Partners
    • Various nationality showcases our flexibility
    • Ability to speak a common language ensures accuracy of information
    • Understanding Business Partner’s culture is essential to strong performance

  • Good track records in efficient and effective service delivery
    • Swift in sourcing and mounting Aircraft Technicians
    • Ability to meet Business Partners’ ad-hoc requirement for Aircraft Technicians during peak and trough

  • Established Outsourcing Management Program
    • Ability to retain top quality Aircraft Technicians as our outsourcing management program bridge any
    • perceived gaps between them and our Business Partners
    • Ability to retain top quality Aircraft Technicians as our outsourcing management program allows them to
    • build up their Port Folio – Providing them opportunities to top MROs in the international platform
    • Ability to engage and release Aircraft Technicians when deemed necessary